An Evening with Dr Adrian Gaspar – Fotona Workshop

Tuesday, 3rd February 2015

Dr Adrian Gaspar is an OB/GYN specialist, cosmetogynecologist, associate professor at the Gynaecology Department of the Faculty of Medicine at Mendoza University, Argentina.

With more than 10 years of education and experience in the use of lasers in medicine, Dr Gaspar has performed postgraduate research on body contour treatments and reconstructive and aesthetic medicine, and is among the pioneers in the use of laser treatments for vaginal rejuvenation. He is a director of the Argentine Institute of Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Gynoplasty, director of the Chilean College of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Medicine and also, associate professor at the Argentine School of Aesthetic Medicine (AICER) in Buenos Aires.

Dr. Adrian Gaspar
Dr Adrian Gaspar
Dr Adrian Gaspar

– Use of non-surgical techniques for gynaecology conditions
– Non-ablative vaginal collagen neogenesis and remodelling
– Use of revolutionized technology to treat bladder prolapse
– Use of revolutionized technology to treat vaginal atrophy

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