FotonaSmooth Focused Group with Dr Jennifer Poning Lee

Servicom Medical (Singapore) Pte Ltd held the FotonaSmooth Focused Group with the renowned Dr Jennifer Poning Lee.

Dr Lee is the Vice President of the Asia-Pacific Association of Anti-aging and Health Management (AAAHM). Taiwan Board Obstetrician & Gynecologist with a particular interest in female laser genital cosmetic surgery, PRP Vaginal & G Spot rejuvenation and non-invasive vaginal laser procedures. Her practice is currently based in Taiwan and several big cities in China including Beijing & Shanghai. Since early 2013, she had been using the vagina laser for treating more than 500 cases and had cosmetic gynecologic surgery for more than 150 cases in Taiwan and China. She even combined using Manometry to evaluate the real vaginal pressure before and after each treatment. She used those measuring data for helping consulting clients and found out that the clients got highly satisfied by her treatments and consulting.

The remarkable presentation and discussion topic by Dr. Lee was:
'Build Your Business with Revolutionary Non-Surgical Laser for Gynecological Indications.’

The topic of discussion was hard not to miss– attracting the presence of FotonaSmooth users and other gynaes and urologists in Singapore.
Dr Jennifer Poning Lee presented an overview of FotonaSmooth Gynecology treatments, the G-Runner (Robotic Scanner for Gynecology) and how to build your business with FotonaSmooth.

There was also a Hands-On Area at the event, whereby attendees had the chance to participate in a Hands-on session with FotonaSmooth G-Runner.

The FotonaSmooth Marketing Kit by Servicom Medical (Singapore) Pte Ltd was also displayed for the gynaes/urologists to see what is in it for them if they purchase the FotonaSmooth!

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