Introducing Perk & Revisiting HydraFacial

23 November 2016

Edge Systems LLC and Servicom Medical Singapore collaborated in this dynamic event: Introducing Perk & Revisiting HydraFacial!
We were really excited about introducing this trending product!

Perk is the world’s first hybrid facial to merge an in-office exfoliating treatment that includes take-home products to enhance your skin benefits. Whether you’re in the mood to boost your lips, replenish your eyes, or give your skin that instant glow. It’s that simple!
You get immediate results and long-lasting benefits that fit perfectly into your daily life.

HydraFacial believes that our skin is most beautiful when it’s healthy. That’s why their focus is on restoring your skin to its healthiest state by removing impurities and replenishing your skin with essential nutrients. The result is that you will not only look better, but you will immediately notice a dramatic shift in the health of your skin.

Live Demos were held at this event and some of our attendees were given a chance to try the treatments out!
True to what has been said, they were amazed at the impressive instant results!
Of course, everyone had fun at our Photobooth and brought home their framed pictures and goodie bags from Servicom.

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