Compact Hysteroscope machine

Compact Hysteroscope

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The Mini-Compact Hysterscope 3.8 mm makes a big contribution to comfort during an intervention with a very small diameter of only 3.8 mm and sophisticated PANOVIEW telescope, the optimally arranged light fibers and the separate inflow and outflow channels.

Increased Patient Comfort

Smaller 3.8 mm outer diameter allows for a more comfortable patient experience especially in fertility and sterility cases.

Enhanced Durability

Durable one piece design increases the life of the endoscope and ensures optimal image quality long term. Integrated straight, 5 Fr. working channel provides maximum protection for instruments, potentially increasing the life of semi-rigid graspers and scissors.

Effortless Design

All-in-one design allows for easier setup and reprocessing while separate inflow and outflow channels maintain visibility throughout the case, potentially decreasing procedure time. The unique blend of a smaller outer diameter and 5 Fr. working channel makes this compact scope ideal for a wider variety of procedures.

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