Starwalker MaQx

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The StarWalker represents the next important evolutionary step forward and takes the system to an even higher level. StarWalker’s third-generation technology combines the unsurpassed range of pulse duration modes of Fotona’s VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology with the revolutionary capability of ASP™ to adapt the temporal structure of laser pulses to the biophotonic dynamics of laser-tissue interaction. StarWalker is capable of delivering up to an unprecedented 10 J of Q-switched energy in one giant structured MaQX pulse for treating epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions, and includes long-pulse infrared VERSA3 and green VERDE™ modes for enhanced vascular treatments.

The Results


  • Third-generation ASP technology for ultimate precision, efficacy and safety of treatments
  • Widest range of procedure modes, including unique MaQX, VERDE, FRAC3 and VERSA3 modes for pigment, vascular and collagen treatments
  • Impressive line of advanced smart control handpieces
  • Minimally invasive, safe treatments with little downtime
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface puts an entire range of applications at your finger tips
  • Great patient comfort and satisfaction
  • User-friendly application wizards for recommended parameters
  • Procedure log keeps track of all procedures for quick recall of past treatment parameters by calendar date
  • Control Panel tracks all procedure statistics during treatments











Wireless Footswitch



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