Cleanvac Electro & Laser Surgery Smoke Evacuation System

With up to 90% of patients requiring IV therapy at some point during their hospital stay, escalation calls and other complications are both inevitable and costly. 

The ripple effects of difficult sticks are felt by everyone. At the busy hospitals, difficult sticks can quickly trigger a casade of clinical and operation issues. Escalation calls to other clinical staff not only delay treatment, they too often lead to more invasive procedures that may increase the risk of infections, catheter failure, longer hospitalizations, and other complications.

AccuVein’s near Infrared (NIR) vein visualization technology is a simple, safe solution that can increase staff proficiency in PIVC assessment, help avoid patient complications, and address clinical and operational priorities.

AccuVein is a simple solution to the complex venous access challenges facing every hospital. Learn more about AccuVein AV500 and its unique features here.

CleanVac Smoke Evacuator
Airflow PowerMaximum flow rate with 25mm tubing 2,500 l/m (420W)
Suction Pressure28 kPa (210 mmHg)
Filters3 Stage filtration system: Pre-filter, Carbon filter, HEPA Filter
Electrical requirements220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption1.1 kW
Dimension28 x 40 x 70 (W x D x H cm)
Weight14 kg

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