Surgical CO2 Laser System
For Ulimate Precision

The Surgical CO2 Laser System For Ultimate Precision

The CO2 Laser has been proven effective for treatment in General Surgery, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Dentistry and OB&GYN Medicine. It is today’s modality of choice for various procedures. Thanks to the CO2 Technology, Cosmopulse prevents bleeding therefore improves visibility in the operating area.

You will find our all-rounder a very useful aid in your daily work, and your patients will be more than satisfied with the results of their treatment.

Product Highlights

Reduction in Recovery Time, Pain-scarring and Infection Risk.

Thanks to the CO2 Technology, its laser beams enable extremely accurate and scar-free treatments. This advanced technology also prevents bleeding and improves visibility in the operating area.

Key Features

• Cost effective

• Lightweight and Small footprint

• User-friendly

• Super Pulse mode (Continuous, Single, Repeat)

• Extremely accurate and scar-free treatment

• Reduction in recovery time, pain scarring and infection risk

Cosmopulse 25
Laser typeCO2 Laser
Laser tubeSEALED-Off CO2
Wavelength10, 600 nm
Operation ModeContinuous wave
Super Pulse (Continuous, Single, Repeat)
Power-on-tissueContinuous: 1-25W
Super Pulse L 0.5-5W
Time Range0.01-1.00 sec on/off in adjustable steps
Aiming Beam655nm, adjustable intensity
Delivery system7 joints articulated mirror arm with handpiece
Electrical requirements220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Cooling systemWater cooling with sealed closed circuit
Dimension400 x 460 x 960 (W x D x H)

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Surgical CO2 Laser System