The Electrosurgical Unit, Hyfrecator 2000

The Hyfrecator® is a multi-function electrosurgical generator with both monopolar and bipolar modes, self-diagnostics, and recall of stored power settings. Upon installation physicians experience simple use, precise tissue therapy, and years of safe, reliable operation.

The independent outputs produce two different therapeutic effects, thus gaining better control of the desired clinical outcome. Subtle control to 1/10 of a watt in LO. Longer, broader arcs of current in HI.Dual Microprocessors, one microprocessor controls the output and functionality of the system while the second monitors the system and terminates activation if a safety hazard is detected. This results in regulated delivery of current, while simultaneously ensuring safe operation.

  • High Output Terminal is for heavy desiccation and fulguration procedures requiring high intensity
  • Low Output Terminal is for light desiccation and fulguration requiring low intensity and increased precision

Product Highlights

Autoclavable Pencils

The Hyfrecator® System offers hand-or foot-activated operation. Standard with the Hyfrecator® 2000 is the reusable 7-900-5 steam autoclavable hand control pencil with power adjustment buttons directly on the pencil. This allows the user the option of quickly fine tuning the power output from the field to achieve the desired surgical effect. All pencils are designed with a non-spinning hex collar for multi-positional, fail-safe blade locking and a durable, pliable pencil cord to reduce hand fatigue during use and ease connection to the unit.

Hand control Pencil (top image), Foot control Pencil (bottom image)

Maintain Sterility with Pencil Sheaths

The Sterile Sheath is a convenient and economical way to maintain a sterile field while using the Hyfrecator electrosurgical reusable pencils. The sheath is designed to fit over both Hyfrecator and other handheld instruments. The extra sheath length allows the instrument to be placed within the sterile field. A non-sterile sheath is also available. Employed use of sheaths promotes pencil longevity, speeds changeover from patient to patient, and prevents pencil exposure to contaminants.

Pinpoint Precision with Electrolase® Electrodes

ConMed Electrolase® Disposable Hyfrecator electrodes are available in either blunt or sharp tip configurations. Electrolase® sharp tips are ideal for procedures requiring pinpoint precision and control while blunt tips are ideal for general broad based coagulation

Bipolar Forceps

As a multi-function electrosurgical generator, The Hyfrecator® 2000 has a bipolar mode similar to those found in much larger systems. Bipolar Forceps are designed to grasp, manipulate and coagulate selected tissue. The electric current alternates between the two tips, reducing the length of the current’s path and producing a precise, controlled therapeutic effect.

Hyfrecator® 2000
Unit Measurement4 inches x 8.75 inches z 7.5 inches ( D x W x H)
Output powerLow: 0-20 watts
(1/10 watt increments up to 10 watts)
High: 0-35 watts
Bipolar: 0-35 watts

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