Causes Of Dark Underarms And Treating It With Starwalker Whitening Laser

Our armpits are mostly hidden from sight. However, it is also the source of embarrassment for many people, especially in women. After all, who doesn’t want smooth and white underarms that can be showed off without hesitation?

But then again, not all women are blessed with such perfect-looking underarms. As a result, they would avoid wearing sleeveless tops as much as possible to prevent unnecessarily exposing of their armpits. Having dark underarms can be limiting and can affect one’s self-confidence.


At birth, underarms are naturally lighter. However, there are certain factors that cause dark underarms, which most women may have been doing all this time. Here are the following:

  1. Shaving. Frequent shaving can cause hyper-pigmentation due to repetitive friction. As a result, it can lead to thicker and darker armpits. Aside from that, our skin can get irritated and inflamed due to shaving, which can stimulate pigment production that can make our underarms darker.
  2. Using deodorants/antiperspirants. Antiperspirants or deodorants are one of the most important beauty products used to lessen underarm odor and sweat. However, we should check whether the deodorant or antiperspirant we buy contains alcohol, fragrance, and aluminum chloride because these ingredients can cause irritation and darkened skin over time.
  3. Erythrasma. This skin condition, which is common among diabetics, overweight people, and those who have poor hygiene. It causes brown, scaly skin patches.


Of course, you should ditch the above-mentioned mistakes and take note of the following tips to prevent dark underarms:

  1. Use mild deodorants or antiperspirants that are suited for sensitive skin.
  2. Choose waxing or laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hairs.
  3. Avoid wearing tight clothes to lessen friction between the cloth and your skin.
  4. Never experiment with unproven skin treatments, much better to consult legitimate skin experts.


Speaking of skin experts, Starwalker MAQX is here to solve these embarrassing underarm issues.  The Starwalker MAQX offers Whitening Laser, a revolutionary treatment that targets melanin deposits that helps lighten and smoothen skin, and improve your overall skin tone and give a glowing and brighter skin! Say Goodbye to Dark Underarm!