What Are Vascular Lesions

Some people are born with large red birthmarks called port-wine stains; others develop harmless skin growths called cherry angiomas, or broken capillaries (like spider veins or telangiectasia). These are types of vascular lesions, caused by large vessels that form just under the skin surface. They can develop on the face, or on the torso, arms and shoulders.

While these vascular lesions are not cause for alarm (unless they change in colour and size, in which cause consult a dermatologist). However, many are bothered by the appearance and attempt to hide it with makeup or solve it with topical creams.

A long-term solution for vascular lesions is laser therapy. High-tech machines like Sciton Clearscan use a concentrated beam of light to target specific blood vessels. The heat energy breaks down the blood vessel without hurting the surrounding skin. The procedure is very safe and will not damage the skin.

Machines like Sciton Clearscan use a specific wavelength to break down the vessels, and pairs the laser treatment with contact cooling technology. This means that the procedure is more comfortable, and is safe for all skin types and even tanned skin.

Laser machines like Sciton Clearscan have been clinically proven to effectively treat port-wine stains, hemangiomas, warts, telangiectasia, rosacea, venous lake, leg veins and spider veins. It has also been used to remove unwanted hair.
Ask your doctor about treatments for vascular lesions and Sciton Clearscan. It is distributed in Singapore by Servicom, the country’s leading distributor for aesthetic machines.