Skintyte VS Botox

Beauty treatment is constantly changing and transforming. To top the list are nonsurgical procedures which are gaining popularity in the past years. Many celebrities use these beauty treatments because of the convenience it offers and the reduced downtime.

Staying youthful and flawless is made possible by SkinTyte and Botox. Because they are minimally invasive many people decide on this beauty regimen without hesitation. With the increasing number of celebrities who are promoting the treatments, these become a commonly conducted procedure in the beauty industry.

Rather than spending years of keeping your skin in its top shape with the help of creams and moisturizers, going to an aesthetic practitioner to improve your looks is a faster option. These two procedures provide a fast solution to early signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles and they serve as a supplemental treatment to issues that cannot be fixed in any other way.

Which is Better?

Choosing between SkinTyte and Botox depends on the doctor’s consultation and patient’s condition. Some people may have better effects from one procedure than the other. However, there are also some doctors who combine the two treatments to achieve better results. Undergoing assessment and further evaluation with your aesthetic practitioner will help identify the treatment that will suit your needs.

SkinTyte, Sciton BBL Singapore is an aesthetic treatment that aims to tighten skin and improve skin laxity with the use of infrared light energy. The heat is delivered selectively to the skin while not affecting other layers and skin structure. It affects the dermal collagen which then leads to tightening of the skin. The procedure has minimal risks and side effects; this is why it is becoming one of the favorites in beauty clinics.

Botox involves injecting of botulin that helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The botulin works by affecting the nerve endings of the skin resulting in lesser wrinkling of the skin. Aside from the face, this injection can also be used in other parts of the body.

Effects of SkinTyte

The procedure is done by delivering light energy as gentle pulses on the area that is being treated. The typical length of procedure will take 30 minutes but this will vary depending on the extent and complexity of the condition. The skintyte procedure improves skin texture, plumps the skin, reduces wrinkles, improves jawline, reduces cellulite and stretch marks, stimulates collagen and improves skin laxity in different parts of the body.


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