Understanding Stress Urinary Incontinence And Its Effects On Women

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the loss of control over the muscles involved in holding urination. This usually happens to women who are in their senior years. But it can also happen to women of any age. The leading cause of this condition is pregnancy and childbirth. Many women are affected by SUI but may be reluctant to undergo medical treatment. However, if not treated, this can cause the major effect on one’s quality of life.


  • Relationship Problems. The sex life of women with incontinence can be largely affected. According to an article published in Wiley Online Library, between 25% to 50% women with SUI experience sexual dysfunction. Some women stated that they feel conscious and are concerned that they are unable to control urination during intimate moments. It may also contribute to cases of divorce and separation in married couples.
    Working in an office can be quite inconvenient for people with SUI, especially if the loo is at a distant spot. It can also cause embarrassment and decrease self-esteem if you have to walk around the office with wet pants.
  • Traveling Inconvenience. Everyone loves to travel. However, for women with SUI, it is bothersome to travel for long periods of time. If they cannot hold it and if there is no washroom nearby, they will end up wetting their pants. This leads to women choosing to stay at home rather than enjoying holidays and travel. This is disheartening because everyone would want to travel once in a while with their family.
  • Bedtime can be hard for people with urinary incontinence. Quality of sleep is poor as they may wet the bed and end up waking up multiple times in the middle of the night just to urinate. With inadequate sleep, health problems may arise. A person with poor sleep may also feel tired and weak, and suffer from memory problems.


The good news is that it is possible to reverse this condition.

  1. Lifestyle modification such as losing weight, eating rich fiber diet, and smoking cessation, can positively change the SUI symptoms.
  2. People who are above their ideal body weight may experience incontinence due to the heaviness and pressure on the bladder, by the excess fats of the abdomen. Exercise techniques that strengthen the pelvic floor, are also very effective to ease out SUI. The Kegels technique is a subtle activity where you hold and loosen pelvic muscles to strengthen it and regain control.
  3. There are also effective surgical interventions such as SUI laser treatment brought to you by Fotona Smooth, to help resolve the issue. Before you undergo surgical treatment, talk to us doctor to know your options. You may undergo tests and further evaluations to identify which treatment will suit you best.