Corporate Information

Established in 1999 in Singapore, Servicom Medical (S) Pte Ltd is one of the top medical and aesthetic equipment distributors for over 20 years. Servicom aims to continue boosting its value creation along and beyond the healthcare continuum with strong focus on business development, marketing sales and after-sales engineers. Through its consistent service, expertise, and strong business principles, it has earned the trust of both global brands and some of Asia’s most respected hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals.

Servicom is one of Southeast Asia’s prominent distributors of leading-edge, pioneering medical and aesthetic devices – working together to deliver value in 4 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam

Servicom Medical – Singapore is certified by Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMDS). For more information, or to schedule a one-on-one appointment, contact us here.

Vision & Mission

To build an ethical corporation which is responsible in every possible facet towards people, the environment and the world.

To work with and treat all individuals and organisations that we come in contact with honour, dignity and fairness.

To create a progressive and happy environment for our employees and their families.

Core Values

Teamwork • Respect • Integrity • Professionalism

Our Logo


Servicom logo symbolizes the company’s continuous commitment towards integrity, professionalism, and quality in delivering medical products and services for total customers’ satisfaction in healthcare industry.


The name Servicom is a result of unifying the words service and community. The dot above the “i” in Servicom signifies unison/unity. The company believes that ultimately the products and services that it offers to medical professionals and healthcare industry will promote a better quality of life for community.


The eye represents the people at Servicom. Their responsibility is to look after the community by providing the right medical products and expertise. Also, the eye signifies Servicom’s foresight into the future, both in research and development and adopting new technologies introduced to the world.