Retcam Pediatric Eye Imaging

Your newborn’s eyesight is a precious gift that deserves complete care. UNEED is a program designed to provide newborns with quality eye care. The program includes the creation of images of your newborn’s eyes that your doctor will use to detect eye disorders and as baseline eye exam that can be used later in your child’s life.

The clinician uses a specialized digital camera called a RetCam™ to create a set of full color images of your newborn focusing primarily on his/her eyes. RetCam has been designed so that images can be captured without any harm to your child’s vision or general health. UNEED provides a comprehensive set of images of your newborn (primarily of their eyes) that physicians can examine for early detection of potentially harmful eye disorders and recommend the best course of action for your newborn. UNEED images are obtained by a trained clinician using a specialized camera digital imaging system as your newborn is held securely. This process normally takes less than 10 minutes.