The safest and most effective way to manage surgical smoke plume; Laservac 750TM Electro & Laser Surgery Smoke Evacuation System

The dangers of smoke plume generated during laser and electrosurgery are well documented. Although laser surgery is now common practice in modern medicine, there are no official regulations regarding the management of associated smoke. However, it is strongly recommended that smoke evacuation units be used to protect both patient and healthcare staff from the potential hazards.

Laservac 750 smoke evacuation systems offer versatile smoke plume management for today’s operating environments, providing peace of mind and clinical safety for both patients and healthcare staff. Through applying core filtration knowledge and expertise, the Laservac range was developed to reduce the risks of laser and electrosurgery to protect medical staff and their patients.

The Laservac 750 smoke evacuation system is a portable, lightweight machine, incorporating variable flow capacities making it suitable for use in operating theatre and clinic environments.

High efficiency filtration is the key to successful plume removal. Filtration is achieved in three stages – by air passing through a pre-filter and a two stage, high efficiency filter combining ULPA grade media and activated carbon. The combined effectiveness of the total filtration package provides an efficiency of >99.9999% at 0.01 micron. Complete environment conditioning is achieved through the Laservac filtration systems, making laser and electrosurgical procedures safe and hygienic.

Product Features

  • Quiet, with variable flow control
  • 99.9999% efficiency at 0.12 micron
  • Efficient odour removal
  • Conforms to International Medical Equipment Standards
  • Full range of accessories
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Primary filter life of 2 hours
  • Secondary filter life of 6 months
  • Comes complete with “Starter Pack” which consists of 3 disposable primary filters, 1 collection funnel, 1 suction wand, 1 tube connector, 1 transfer tube, 2 catheters tube (1 of each size), pneumatic footswitch, mains leads, registration card & instruction manuals
LaserVac 750TM Electro & Laser Surgery Smoke Evacuation System
Flow300L/m (10 scfm) with the speed control of minimum 750 L/m (26 sfm) when on maximum (with standard connection hose of 22mm (7/8”)
Noise< 60 dbA when measured at 1 metre
ElectricalHigh-capacity motor runs on a single phase
110/120V-60Hz or 220/240V-50Hz electrical supply
CertificationThe electrical system conforms to CAN\CSA C22.2 No 601.1-M90 Category 245 &
UL-544 /ETL Product Category 6 for Medical and Dental Equipment

MC 89/336/EEC as amended by 92/31/EEC
Dimension320 mm x 560 mm x 250 mm
Weight of Unit14 kg

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