Reverse Skin Ageing With Halo Hybrid Fractional Lasers

Are you curious about how some people manage to age so well and wonder if that’s how well you will age too? Do you ever wonder what you can do to slow down the onslaught of fine lines, wrinkles and spots as you age every year? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then you are not alone.

There is a reason why there seems to be an endless launches of anti-aging products all over the world. The anti-aging market is, in fact, a multibillion-dollar industry. While everybody in the world admits to wanting to live long, prosperous, healthy and happy lives, most of us care and worry about how the long lives we have all been living will show up on our faces soon enough.

Genetics play a major role in how swiftly you age. However, though, more and more researches have shown and proven that skin aging is sped up more by the lifestyle you live, the habits you develop and choice you make throughout your life. Other factors for pre-mature skin aging are environmental conditions, stress, sleep patterns, and vices.

If you are not born with a perfect skin, there is very little worry to entertain today anymore. There are now plenty of ways to turn your skin condition and destiny all the way around.

Anti-aging creams, serums, toners and cleansers are a great way to battle skin aging. While quality skincare products and religious application of them could definitely help better skin, they provide limited effects. It takes time to see results with using them alone. The best way to achieve healthy, clear and exceptional skin condition is through complementing your skincare regimen with a treatment that is safe, and non-ablative. Meaning, there is dermal healing process involved without notable injury to the epidermis of the skin, like the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser.

The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser procedure addresses skin issues that is caused by aging. It combines wavelengths of both non-ablative and ablative that delivers exceptional and ablative results with non-ablative downtime.

The Halo device consists of 3 main parts- the integrated hand piece, DTO technology and Optical navigation. The hand piece has the air-cooling and smoke evacuation. It is the one that delivers them to the treatment zone. The air-cooling mainly provides the patient some comfort while smoke evacuation ensures safety for both the patient and operator of the device. The hand piece makes the treatment so easy and requires only one person to perform the treatment.

The DTO technology, on the other hand, is built into the device. It allows the device to automatically adjust its power for each individual to 1470 nm pulse and is dependent on the patient’s skin temperature. With this technology, Halo has the ability to deliver the most precise, safest and most consistent results to the patient’s skin.

Optical Navigation, lastly, is a high-speed optical navigation that is found on the hand piece as well. It captures the motion of the hand piece hundreds of times every second as way of tracking the speed of the hand piece with extreme precision. Through this, the safety and consistency of results is ensured from beginning to end of the treatment.